My name is Brandon Gentry and I am from Auckland, New Zealand, and I have lived on the Hibiscus Coast all my life. I was born on April 15th 2003, and the things I love to do include traveling to different places, drawing and being on the ocean. I am passionate about trying my best to achieve grades that I am happy with, and I am also passionate about doing what is best for me and what can benefit me as well as others. As a hobby, I am passionate about my music. I play the Alto Saxophone for the college in an after school band. I believe that my family, friends and my grades are important to me. My skills, strengths and talents include art related areas such as drawing, painting and designing. And also playing the Saxophone. I am supported and motivated by my family mostly. They encourage me to try my best at everything I do and to never give up. Other things that happen in my life include spending a lot of time out on the ocean with my family. I tend to swim a lot and be outdoors on long weekends and holidays. I will also meet up with friends on non-busy weekends.


At school I like to have different options and to work in groups of three or more. I also like to be able to use devices and to be able to work without distractions. The things I dislike include unclear instructions and a disrupted class. I am strong in Social Studies because it is one of my favourite subjects so I enjoy learning about it and I am able to understand all tasks clearly. I am also strong in Art because my drawing, painting and designing skills have improved over the last year by having help from teachers showing examples. I tend to sometimes struggle in Science, mainly to do with the examples but I can improve on this by studying more and referring to notes. I typically work best in groups of three or more, when we are able to have a variety of options and when we are able to use devices for research or showing information. Teachers are able to help me by being clear with instructions, being supportive, being able to give further detailed explanations when I don’t understand and ensure that I am on task. The things that could be a barrier are a disruptive and noisy class and I help get through those by listening to music or moving to a quieter area to focus. Another barrier is short amounts of time for tasks or projects and I help get through this by doing some for home-learning as well as doing as much as I can at school. I can help others learn by helping them to understand the question with going into further detail and to give hints and notes but not the answer. Other people are able to help by not being as disruptive and loud and instead be quieter and help stay on task.


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