As our final project of term two, 2017. We had to paint a photo of a landscape of our choice. I had chosen to do a photo that I personally had taken myself. This photo I chose to paint is a sunset with a silhouette landscape. The sunset fades from red/oranges up to a dark blue in the sky with water at the bottom of the image. With this painting it has helped me to blend the colours better in a more realistic and smoother way, an I have also improved on the textures of the painting. This includes using sponges for a more traditional and smooth texture, and dry/fluffy brushes for the 3D brush stroke effect.


Cup And Orange Painting

For our second painting, we had to paint a Cup and a Orange. This was good for improving painting skills. The Cup and the Orange Painting helped me to improve my blending skills from dark to light. It also helped me to identify where the light is coming from and identify different colours to make them work together.

This link will take you to a Google Slides of my Subject Photos:

Bowl Painting

As of term two, 2017. We started our project to paint a landscape. But first we had to paint many drafts of different objects. Our first object was a bowl. This bowl helped me to improve on my blending skills in painting with a paintbrush, as I used to only be able to blend with a sponge. I have also learnt to use brush strokes to create a rounded effect on the bowl.

This link will take you to a Google Slides of my Subject Photos:

Screen Prints

Our project, in art class, in term one. Was to screen print. We had to come up with a dragon design that was in some sort of pot, glass, hat, etc. and then use Indian Ink to go over the lines. We were to then draw it onto a piece of lino carving and carve out the lines, so that we can then put coloured ink onto the Lino and screen print it.

This link will take you to a Google Slides of my Subject Photos:

Term 1 Review

Art is a subject I have taken every year at this school. I enjoy all areas of art with learning new skills in painting and drawing. As of this year, I have mostly stuck to my goal. I have fallen a little bit behind of timing but I am almost back up to date. I have felt more confident in this class as the year has progressed, because I have learnt various painting and drawing skills. These include blending and shading which has helped me to improve my artwork.


At the beginning of 2017, I had set myself goals that can benefit me as a learner. My goals include the following below:

-To plan timings of my assignments. This will help me to stay on track with my artwork that I am creating. It will mean I’ll get the same amount of time on every bit of artwork keeping up to date. However I will spend more time on the larger artworks.

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