Unfamiliar Text

During term two of 2017, we were learning about unfamiliar text. This was done in our other English class that we have once a week. This unfamiliar text involved using various language features such as; similes, metaphors, personification, and many more.

During this class assignment, we were to choose any song that we like or want to do and copy the lyrics into a Google Docs presentation. We had to choose at least six language features and highlight where they were in the song lyrics, then write explanations on how the songwriter felt and the mood/emotion of the song with reasons from the song lyrics.

This link will take you to a Google Doc presentation of my Unfamiliar Text assignment: (Still in Progress)



Close Reading

This Close Reading of the film Hunt For The Wilderpeople, was used to identify films techniques. It includes what they show in the scene, and the effect of the technique. The four techniques I had chosen from the opening scene was, Establishing Shot, Close Up, Over The Shoulder, and Wide Shot.

We also had to explain two techniques in the scene, how they linked together, and the directors purpose for this. I chose do do Establishing Shot, and Wide Shot.

This link will take you to a Google Doc of this Close Reading:


Hunt For The Wilderpeople Essay

As an assignment of term two, 2017. We had focused on the film Hunt For The Wilderpeople by Taika Waititi. This included us writing an essay on a main point or idea in the film. The main idea I had chosen was an important character in the film. I had chosen Hector Faulkner as my important character.

This is the link that will take you to my Hunt For The Wilderpeople Essay on Hector Faulkner (An Important Character)


With this Hunt For The Wilderpeople Essay on An Important Character, I had achieved the overall grade of Merit


Tomorrow When The War Began Essay

Throughout term one of 2017, we had read the novel ‘Tomorrow When The War Began’ by John Marsden. When we had completed the novel we were to write an essay on the novel, focusing on a main event that occurred. The main event I chose was when the Heron River Bridge was blown up and destroyed.

This is the link that will take you to my google docs presentation of my Tomorrow When The War Began Essay:


With this essay of ‘Tomorrow When The War Began’ I had achieved my final grade or result of merit.


Term 1 Review

English is a subject that I enjoy quite a lot. So far this year we have written an essay on our novel “Tomorrow when the war began”. With only term one completed, I have felt more confident in this subject. This is because I have improved in my understanding of how to write an essay. I have typically improved in the structure of my essays to achieve a better grade. I have mainly stuck to my goal this term with only little or not focusing. This means that I have been able to complete my work on time and in more detail than previous years.


At the beginning of 2017, I had set myself goals that can benefit me as a learner. My goals include the following below:

-To focus more in English. This will help me to understand the different areas of English better. It could also help me to achieve a higher grade in essays, assignments and exams. Focusing more in English will also help with future NCEA exams.

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