Wooden Table

As of term two in 2017, our main project was to create a table, hand-plane, or speaker. I had decided to make a wooden table. My table top is a simple wooden design with light and dark wood and is 500mm by 500mm. My table legs are also 500mm tall and will be glued to the bottom of the table with a framing.

This link will take you to a photo of my table:



Wooden Box

As a brief and starter project we had to make a box. This was done in term one of 2017 and we were assigned to do four joints. The joints included a finger joint, 45° angle joint, fish tail joint, and an overlapping joint. We were to sand it, make a lid and glue it all together with zero screws or nails.

This link will take you to a picture of my wooden box:


Term 1 Review

M-Tech is a subject that I enjoy. M-Tech involves a lot of planning, designing and construction which can be difficult. I do think I have stick to my goal because I clearly planned what I wanted my table to look like. Although I did change bits of my design because it was too difficult in the little time frame we have. I do feel confident in M-Tech mainly because I know what I want and how to use the various equipment.


At the beginning of 2017, I had set myself goals that can benefit me as a learner. My goals include the following below:

-To plan out my project and what I will be making. This will help me to realise what I want and it will also help me to stay on track with time. And with this, it will also help me to think out in more detail how I will make my project.

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