Angles Topic Test

Angles was a topic that I typically enjoyed of 2017. I had done the Level 5 Angles Topic Test in one period, with only pen and paper. With this Topic Test I had achieved the overall grade or result of Merit (almost Excellence).

This Topic Test included various questions that fall under, achieved, merit and excellence questions. I had answered correctly most questions of the Angles Topic Test, with explanations for the Excellence ones. Next time I aim to achieve Excellence in this topic. I will do this by working on my explanation and descriptions for how I worked the equations out. This includes adding further detail and laying out my working clearer. I can do this by studying from the math home learning book, because if the examples and questions that require the showing of your working.


Algebra Topic Test

Algebra was a topic of 2017. I had done the Level 5 Topic Test with only a pen and paper. My overall grade I had achieved in the Algebra Topoc Test was Level 5 Achieved.

With this year, I am currently doing well in the areas of Algebra that include Factorising and Simplifying. However I do need to improve on working out the longer equations, and the word equations. I can improve on these by asking for help more frequently, and working from the textbooks which show examples and equations to work out.

Numerical Reasoning Topic Test

As a topic of 2017, I had completed the Numerical Reasoning Topic Test. I had done this in the time frame of 55 minutes and by using a calculator. The overall grade I had achieved was Level 5 Excellence.

As of this year, I can currently do all areas of the test which includes, percentages, decimals, etc. However I do currently find challenging how to do and work out significant figures, which is what I need to improve on. I can improve this by doing extra home learning on this and asking for help more if I still don’t understand.

Term 1 Review

Math is a subject I typically enjoy. This subject has many different areas of learning. These can include, angles, algebra, numeracy and lots more. With my math skills, I have felt as though I have improved at working out harder, more difficult, excellence-level questions. With my understanding of working out these types of questions better, it has helped me to improve my working out of word problems as well as strengthening my simple math and merit-leveled questions. I do feel confident in this subject. This is because I have previously learnt some of these areas in math, which has now added more detail to my understanding this year.


At the beginning of 2017, I had set myself goals that can benefit me as a learner. My goals include the following below:

-To become more prepared and organized. With this goal it will help me to be prepared for upcoming assign,nets. By bringing the appropriate and proper equipment, such as’ calculator and protractors, it will help me to learn how to use them correctly for future exams.

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