Metallurgy Topic Test

Metallurgy was our fourth Topic of science, 2017. Like always we had to complete a test on Metallurgy. This test was done in term two with only pen and paper. We had to complete and answer three questions on metallurgy. The questions included explanations of corrosion, prevention of corrosion and what an alloy is.

In this Topic Test, I was able to give explanations of corrosion, metals, etc. I did this by labeling examples and reasons in a slightly detailed way. I had achieved the overall grade of Merit in this Topic Test. Next time to achieve Excelence, I would need to improve on my explanations. This includes more detailed explanations, by referring to notes more, writing more notes down an researching more.



Metallurgy Assignment

With our end of term two topic, we had to submit an assignment on Metallurgy. In this assignment, it included explaining and describing factors of metal sculptures and what happens when acid rain falls on them. We were also to choose what metal we would use to make our sculpture depending on its chemical and physical properties, and information on prevention and variables to quicken corrosion. I had done my assignment on a Google Slides presentation with a fully submitted bibliography.

This link will take you to a Google Slides presentation of my Metallurgy Assignment:

Atomic Science Topic Test

With the first topic test of the year, it was on Atomic Science. This included explanations and labeling of atoms, in relation of electrons, neutrons, protons, valence electrons, etc. I had done this in one period and only with a pen and paper.

In this topic test, I was able to label and give a brief description of what was in each sectioned of the Atomic Science Topic Test. I do need to improve on my Atomic Science still. The overall grade I had received from this topic test was Achieved. To achieve a better grade I would need to give further examples, reasons and more detailed explanations in the topic test. For me to do this I would need to study more from the SciPad, research about the topic more, and refer back to my previous notes.


Atomic Science Assignment

Our first science topic of the year was Atomic Science. For the assignment we were to choose one of the first 20 elements on the periodic table and explain it. I chose the element Magnesium and did my presentation on Google Slides. We were to include the physical and chemical properties, uses for it, and where it’s located on the periodic table. The overall grade I had achieved for this assignment was Merit. Next time, to aim for Excellence, I need to add more detail to my explanations, and I can do this by working in the assignment earlier for more time or a bit more.

This link will take you to my Google Slodes presentation on Magnesium:

Forces and Motion Assignment

Our second topic of the year was Forces and Motion. Like every other topic we do an assignment for this topic. I did my topic on an A4 piece of paper as a small diagram poster with explanations. Our task was to design a futuristic car and what materials will be used in it to reduce friction and weight. With this assignment I had received the overall grade of Excellence.

Medical Assignment

For each topic of science, we complete an assignment presentation that we are graded on at the end of the topic. I chose to do mine in a poster presentation. This included the Heart, Circulatory and Respiratory System Diagrams and explanations on oxygenated/deoxygenated blood and muscles. The overall grade I received for this assignment was 15/15, which is Excellence.

Medical Science Topic Test

One of the many topics for science was Medical Science. For the Medical Science Topic Test, I had to answer various questions with pen and paper. I had achieved the overall grade of Merit.

As of this year, I am currently doing well labeling the different parts of diagrams, and giving a brief description of what they do. However I need to improve on giving a more detailed description of what they do, the effects and what they are. I can do this by working more from the SciPad home learning book we had received.

Forces and Motion Topic Test

As a topic for science, I had to complete a test on Forces and Motion. The Forces and Motion Topic Test was done using a calculator for the science equations. I had achieved the overall grade of Excellence.

As of this year, I am currently doing well in all of the areas of the topic Forces and Motion, as I have achieved the highest grade level for each test question. This means that I do not need to improve on anything, and the best thing I can do is to keep studying, from the SciPad.

Term 1 Review

Science is one of my many liked subjects. Like other subjects, science has many different areas of learning. These include, biology, astronomy, physics and many others. As the year has progressed I have felt more confident in science as a learner. With just the beginning of the year, I have felt that I have been able to understand the areas of science clearer. With this, it can help me beneficially with a future career or even prior knowledge. With this year going so quickly, I have still been able to achieve my goal of completeing home-learning earlier to an acceptable standard. This has helped me to gain more knowledge on the topics and I feel as though I now understand more about science.

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