Iqbal Character Perspectives

As of term two, 2017. We were given the task to choose five character in the novel, Iqbal, and to explain their perspectives on child labour. This included adding quotes, examples and how their perspectives change.

This link will take you to my Iqbal Character Perspectives of five characters:


Poverty Static Image

During term one of 2017, we learnt about Poverty as a topic. As an assignment we had to create a static image that showed the difference between the rich and the poor clearly.

On my static image of the Rich and the Poor, it is split into two sections. Poor on the left, and Rich on the right. They are both on cliffs with a large gap in between. This shows the development gap with a risky-looking bridge, and the poor people not being able to make it over to the wealthy side.

Below are two links. The first link will take you to my static image, and the second link will take you to my explanations.

Term 1 Review

Social Studies is my favourite subject. I typically enjoy learning in the areas of both, geography, and history. I do feel extremely confident in this subject as I enjoy learning more about it. So far, as of term one, I have been successful with my goal. I have been able to complete all my tasks given, on google classroom where I can look back to refer if needed. I have improved on my understanding of Social Studies through the topics we have learnt so far. This includes learning about the different countries, people, cultures and how the live.


At the beginning of 2017, I had set yself goals that can benefit me as a learner. My goals include the following below:

-To complete all tasks to a detailed level. This goal will help me to learn more about the subject for upcoming exams and assignments. It will also help me for revision, because I will be able to refer back as notes.

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